ASH Security’s Police Response packages are now ECHO-connected

Read more below about ECHO, how you can benefit, and what that means for your alarm system. What is ECHO? Simply put, ECHO (Electronic Call Handling Operations) is a dedicated alarm transfer service. Its main goal is to optimise the police’s response to any emergency alarms that are triggered. The service is fully automated and directly […]

Car Dealership Security Solutions

Are you worried about theft at your car dealership?   Every break-in or theft could mean costly repairs and lost time dealing with the aftermath.   Imagine a world where you could prevent these crimes from happening altogether. You would never have to worry about missing items, repairs or insurance claims again. Introducing our 24/7 […]

The Benefits of Proactive Home Security: How Our Monitored CCTV Service Works

Your home is your sanctuary, and it’s only natural to want to keep it safe from any potential threats. With advances in technology, proactive home security has become more accessible than ever before. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of a Monitored CCTV service for your home security needs and how our system […]

Construction Site Security – 24/7 Remote Monitored CCTV

Construction sites are a popular, active destination for thieves and vandals across the UK. High-value machinery and vehicles are often left on-site overnight. Each item has a high resale value, fooling criminals into thinking they’ll get away with it. Whether it’s theft or vandalism, construction sites are particularly vulnerable and ­prospective thieves know exactly what […]

Make Your Property Unappealing To Burglars This Halloween

Autumn is here, and with it comes the increased likelihood of being burgled. Burglaries increase by an average of 160% in October, and with the onset of autumn, nights drawing in and the mornings getting darker, it’s no surprise. The Co-op Insurance research revealed that there is an alarming spike in home break-ins and property […]

Monitored CCTV – Protecting your business when you are not there

Monitored CCTV

As a business owner, there is often a continual worry of someone breaking into your property. There can be few things are more frustrating than having to watch people breaking into your business, as you review your footage from your CCTV. With RE:SURE available via ASH Security, you can eliminate these worries. We use your […]

NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH! NanoShock compact Grade 2 wireless shock sensor

New wireless shock sensor is launched – the NanoShock compact Grade 2 wireless shock sensor by Pyronix, now available from ASH Security. Fitted out of sight within uPVC window or door frames, or surface mounted with its low profile and pleasing design, the NanoShock has been designed to deliver easy professional installation and reliable protection […]

Donation of Security System to local charity – DENS

Most people know DENS as the homeless charity for people in Dacorum. In fact, DENS do so much more than just provide a roof and a bed. Their aim is to be the first port of call for people in Dacorum who are facing homelessness, poverty and social exclusion; to support and empower them to take the […]

Agricultural Security

NFU Mutual is urging farmers to turn their farmyards into fortresses to protect diesel and fertiliser from thieves, amid high prices. The leading rural insurer is concerned that a combination of high prices and shortages could lead to a surge in farmers’ red diesel tanks and fertiliser stores becoming targets for theft.” ASH Security can […]

New! All-in-one security solution, the Enforcer V11, with AndroidTablet, HomeControlHUB app and SmartPlug.

ASH Security is pleased to announce our latest home security offering, the Enforcer V11 control panel with the brand-new 10-inch touchscreen control station, the AndroidTablet and HomeControlHUB app. The Enforcer V11 is the most advanced Pyronix system released to date and delivers real added value with every installation; security, automation and video that can be tailored, controlled […]